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GRIT Online specializes in Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, & Website Design. We are a company defined by our values, and we treat our cherished clients like family.

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Why is This Strategy and Analysis Session Essential?


Technical Audit

This identifies any hidden structural, coding related, or configuration problems with your site.


Site performance

We identify if your site’s speed and performance is like a torn hamstring for your business, and show you what specifically needs to be fixed.


Site security

30 000 websites are hacked on daily basis. Is your site properly secured or does it fall under that hacking risk? We will let you know.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We identify how well your site is optimized and if & where your target audience is finding your website in search engines.


Social Engagement

Is your site integrated with the latest social media platforms and creating engagement with your prospects?



Content is king. Is your message finely tuned to reach your targeted audience, positioned in the right way to communicate your message as effectively as possible?



Is your design aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and what does your design communicate about your brand?


Marketing Automation

 Is your website automatically generating you leads, or are potential prospects falling through the cracks?

Most Importantly, The User Experience!

What impression do you have with your site visitors? Are they finding the right information to help them make the best possible decision to purchase your products and/or services?

Once we have generated the strategic report, we will schedule a 30 minute call to explain what different areas of the report mean in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

With this information you will know how to improve your online presence, get more leads, and generate more conversions for your business. We guarantee it!

Why trust us?


For the past ten years, Marika Arovuo has been helping small and medium-sized business owners grow their business with her digital marketing expertise. She works with a talented team of digital marketing strategist, web designers and developers, SEO experts, social media managers, photo and videographers, copywriters, and IT specialists.

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