Free Online Website Analysis Tool That’s Easy to Use

Complete, Clear Report with Actionable Tips & Fixes

Take the first step to a faster and more engaging website that can gather more leads, convert more sales, and bring in more revenue on autopilot.

Your Complete Website Analysis will be organized in a detailed, easy to read report. With simple actions you can apply to improve your own website today!

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Complete Website Analysis for SEO, Content, Security, Code and Site Performance


Easy to Use

Automatically organizes results in a simple, easy to understand document.

Actionable Tips

Get practical tips, so you can optimize your website even if you’re not a "techie".

Captivate Leads

When your site is hard to navigate or to read; you lose leads. Keep your audience.

Faster Website

47% of consumers expect site to load in 2 secs. If it doesn’t, many leave before it loads.


Get More Leads

Minor issues can have major impacts on search rankings. Ensure you can be found.

Increase Engagement

This tool even analyzes your Social presence, connectivity, & engagement.

Convert More Buyers

Broken links can cause potential buyers to back away. Increase your conversions.

Don’t Get Hacked

More than 50,000 sites are hacked daily. Check security & make sure you’re not one.

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Our All-in-One Free Website & SEO Analyzer Tool by GRIT Features:

  • Website Keyword Analyzer
  • On/Off Page SEO Analyzer
  • Website Security Analyzer
  • Site Content Analyzer
  • Website Speed Analyzer
  • Website Malware Analyzer
  • Social Media Analysis

Enter Your Website for Your Detailed Analysis Report

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