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Domain audit

Technology evolves fast. Websites that were cutting edge yesterday are often outdated today. The result? Rival sites attract more visitors and provide a better customer experience.

How can we help?

We’ll do a deep analysis of your website or e-commerce site. This will include a technical analysis, a study of SEO and page-content evaluation. You’ll receive a detailed report with our findings together along with proposed improvements.


Website optimisation

A website is only effective if it’s found by its target audience. A site is performing well if the loading time is acceptable to people from wherever they’re accessing it in the world. As a general rule, over 4 seconds of loading time is too long. Some set the limit at 3 seconds. Any longer, and people will exit the page. Loading delays impact a company’s bottom line, with takings dropping by 7% with every one-second delay. The quality of page content also affects revenue. A target audience expects to have all its questions answered quickly and thoroughly.

How can we help?

Technical and page-code SEO

This service will optimise your website, meaning search engines will find it as they crawl through the web and index your site. Page-code optimisation will ensure relevant key phrases are picked up by the search engines. We’ll also build backlinks for high-authority sites to further improve your site ranking.

Page content SEO

Your site content will be fine-tuned to match the needs of your target audience. Marketing and sales messages will be refined by an experienced copywriter to create appealing content guaranteed to produce more sales.

Website modernisation

We’ll implement the necessary tools and content to modernise your site. The content of this package will vary according to your precise needs. Your package may include blog services, analytics tools, calls to action, landing pages and newsletter mechanisms.

Website and social media traffic analytics

Any action you take with your website, e-commerce site or social media will have an affect on your target audience. It’s important for you to discover the consequences of your choices and actions—if you don’t, you’ll be wasting time, money and recourses. What’s more, you won’t know if your actions are yielding the desired result.

How can we help?

We’ll implement tools for effective traffic and data analysis. At the website / e-commerce level, we’ll examine the performance of your site from both the visitor and the search engine point of view. We’ll be able to tell you which of your site’s pages are performing best, why people exit your site, and how long they stay, etc. We’ll also analyse your social media performance and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.