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Creating a compelling website design for businesses is a must as ecommerce stores tend to lack the personal interaction provided by traditional retail shops. Here at GRIT Online, we listed down the top website design trends in 2020 that can help make your online presence unforgettable and set your brand apart. 

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Mega Menu 

Your website menu is one of the most crucial sections of your website. It explains your brand at a glance and highlights what you want to prioritize. Moreover, your website navigation is also used by search engines to discover and index your pages. The menu functions as the starting point for your visitors when navigating through the different sections, pages, or posts. It also guides them through their buyer’s journey. 

Upgrade your default menu with a mega menu that provides a professional look and a seamless design. A quality mega menu plugin lets you display all the important pages without cluttering your website menu, making it user-friendly for your visitors. Look for a great mega menu plugin with a wide selection of customization options, contributes to a fully responsive website design, and can help boost your website’s user engagement and SEO. 

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Promotion Bar 

Take advantage of your mega menu’s clean look and enhance it with a promotion bar at the top of your web page. A promotion bar draws the attention of your visitors as you highlight special announcements or sales, and encourages them to take action and check out your products or services.  

If you prefer a fixed promo bar, make sure that it doesn’t look bothersome and affects your website’s overall design and usability. You can also add an option to hide the promo bar temporarily when a user clicks the button to close it. 

Top Website Design Trends 2020. Davenport Dark Mode. GRIT Online

Dark Mode 

The dark mode, particularly the option for users to switch to a dark theme, is one of the biggest design trends in 2020Website designs featuring a dark interface and aesthetics are not only visually appealing but also easy on the eyes and extend your screen’s lifespan.  

Take advantage of this design trend by opting for dark backgrounds that will make the colours and design elements of your website stand out. Apart from enhancing the visibility of the content on your platform, dark mode is also practical in terms of saving your device’s battery life.  

Top Website Design Trends 2020. Forward You Combination of Photos and Illustration and. GRIT Online

Combination of Photos and Illustration 

The mixture of photographs and illustrations is a design trend that will surely make your website stand out. It is a great way to add more personality to your website or communicate technical or complicated information and concepts in a fun yet sophisticated style. 

Show off your brand’s personality with a collage-like combination of images and graphics. Make use of hand-drawn illustrations, geometric shapes, or a simple animation that will treat your website visitors to a visual feast. 

Top Website Design Trends 2020. DYPB 3D Design. GRIT Online.jpg

Animation and 3D design 

Speaking of animation, this is another website trend that continues to gain traction even in 2020. Animations not only bring your website to life but can also communicate and illustrate certain messages better than a static image or background. 

Combined with 3D designyou can engage your visitors with interactive animations that can be triggered by their input or action. This combination makes the whole user experience an exciting and immersive one. 

Top Website Design Trends 2020. Klas squared Minimalist Black and White Design. GRIT Online

Minimalist Black and White Design 

Minimalism is another design aesthetic that is here to stay. In 2020, there is a trend for more no-frillsminimal black and white website design that are highly usable and easy to understand. Focus on a simple interface for easier navigation across different devices. 

Create a clean and modern look by taking advantage of the absence of colour and focusing on a black and white interface with grayscale graphics and images. Paired with larger-than-life typography, the smart use of white space in this minimalist trend can help bring your visitors’ attention to your content. 

Should You Follow Design Trends 

As many brick-and-mortar businesses limit their physical store operations to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, there is an increased interest in upgrading websites and focusing on building online stores and courses. Now more than ever, you have to keep in mind that your website is the primary channel that connects you to your customers. 

Optimizing and personalizing your website visitors’ on-site experience is a must as consumer behaviour shifts from in-store visits to online shopping. Whichever design trend you decide to follow, focus on meeting your clients’ unique needs and creating smooth, fast and memorable experiences.  

August 19, 2020


Marika Arovuo

Marika is the Founder and CEO of GRIT Online. For her nothing is more satisfying than working together with entrepreneurs to plan and execute custom digital marketing strategies that propels their businesses to a higher level, and increasing their profits. She has a holistic approach that aligns both the business and digital marketing aspects for success.


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