Social Media, The Best Tool You’re Probably Not Using Right

Increase Leads & Engage Your Followers at Low Cost

Social Media Marketing Platforms have been designed for the sole purpose of building & engaging an audience to directly, personally, and effectively advertise to.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… every social medium was made for you, the savvy entrepreneur. Built to help you find your ideal audience and turn them into active leads.

In short, Social Media Platforms are the greatest Marketing tool in history. Do you know how to use them to your advantage? We do.

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With Social Sites you can get the best & quickest results from ad campaigns through effective targeting.

A Good Social Media Strategy & Management Campaigns will get you more:

 Brand Awareness
 Repeat Business
 & save you Time and Money

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But they’re also designed to draw in the public & captivate us. Ensuring an attentive audience for the advertising dollars being spent. Social platforms are brilliant at sucking up our time.

That’s why you feel overwhelmed as you try to keep on top of managing your own social presence. We’re here to help take that load off your mind & give you more effective Social Marketing Strategies.

Taking advantage of the expert Social Media Marketers here at GRIT will ensure you get:

Professional Branding

A professionally built social page should stand out. Poorly done graphics & content make the wrong impression. Your content should increase conversions & boost engagement.

Strategic Campaigns

Hiring a professional marketing firm to do your social media management allows you to utilize our expert knowledge to get the most out of your social platforms & social media ads.

Get Noticed

+2 billion people are active on Facebook each day, for an average 35 minutes each. You can target anyone in that huge audience that matches your ideal customer & get noticed by more leads.

Increase Engagement

No one wants to follow a boring company page that offers no value. Expert Social Media marketing can share content that your audience actually wants to see & engage with.

Frequent Posts

If you don’t post regularly on Social Media, your rank and visibility to your followers goes down. It is essential to keep on top of regular posts that spark a response in order to be seen.

Save Your Time

Social Media is designed to suck up as much of your time as possible. You don’t want to waste your valuable time, but you know a Social presence is essential. That’s where we come in.

Direct Targeted Ads

The reason Social sites are designed is to monetize on ads. If you know how to use these groundbreaking advertising tools, you can get major results for minor costs.

Repeat Buyers

Retaining a consistent relationship with your past customers increases the likelihood they’ll buy from you again, and recommend you when their friends are looking for similar services.

The Social Marketing Approach to Get You More and Spending Less

Not only is Social Media Marketing incredibly effective, it’s also incredibly inexpensive compared to other media distribution platforms. The ability to get your message to the right audience means you get better leads, more buyer conversions, and faster results for lower costs.

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Our available social media management services include:


Social Page Management

Posting, updating, responding to messages and comments, boosting engagement.

Social Branding

Brand voice, photos & graphics, color palette, fonts, and logos.

Content Strategy

Content research, content calendar, competitor analysis, consistent & optimized posting schedule.


Social Media Listening

Monitoring conversations on social media that are relevant or directly related to your business. Building an audience and engaging followers.


Social Copywriting

Content formatting (creating daily or regular hooks), SEO, keywords, hashtags.

Social Media Metrics

Tracking performance, determining new opportunities, adjusting strategies.

Managing Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube posts, and more.

We help our clients build a better social media presence:

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