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Logo Design
Business Card - 2 sided
Business card - 1 sided
Logo and Business card - 2 sided
Branding Package
Social Media Cover Photo
Social Media Cover Video
Banner Ad
Logo Animation - 2D
Logo Animation - 3D
Letterheads and Templates
Flyer (4.25in. x 5.5in., double sided)
Flyer (8.5in x 11in., double sided)
Gift Certificate/Vouchers
Brochure - (8.5in. x 11in.) 3 Fold
Brochure - (8.5in. x 14in.) 4 Fold
Brochure - DL size (110 mm x 220 mm)
Booklet - up to 8 pages
Booklet - up to 16 pages
Restaurant Menu
Magazine Ad
Roll-up standee
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