Run Your Business and Generate More Deals, with Less Busy Work

Is your time being sucked up in the day to day grind of running a business? Do you feel like you have to work yourself into the ground for minimal results? Or are you just starting out, and you want to make sure that you do it right?

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut just as their business starts to take off, they tell themselves that it’s just growing pains and that they just have to keep on through the hard stretch and things will get easier. But, I’m sorry to say that things don’t just get easier for new business owners who keep on doing the same thing, in order to change the way your business runs your life you have to make some changes to the way you run your business.

The good news is, you might be surprised how simple some of these changes are to implement! It’s just about knowing the right action to take for your business. Learn how to cut out the busy work, and concentrate on actions that will give you greater results with less effort!

Our team gives a personalized, professional, and results based approach, that includes a Project Manager, Marketing Strategists, Business Coach, Web and Media Developers who are ALL focused on making your business SHINE.

We are dedicated to helping more women succeed in business in our community, and so for a limited time we have decided to offer a Thorough Website Analysis AND a Business Coaching Session where we go through a 1-page Business Plan COMPLETELY FREE.

We only have room for 7 more Local Entrepreneurs.  No obligation, no risk, no cost: all I ask is that you are committed to your own success. This opportunity is only available for entrepreneurs in the GTA.

So if you are a serious, committed, and driven entrepreneur then click on the link below to apply for your Free Professional Website Analysis and Business Coaching Session: ($399 Value)

Benefits of a Professional Website Analysis

Your Website is a Tool that can draw in prospects, create engagement, and convert prospects in to paying clients. But only if it’s done right. If you’re Website is just a glorified Business Card, we can help you make it generate business for you.

  • Identify whether your website can actually be found in search engines for related topics
  • Make a Professional and Welcoming First Impression that will Create Trust in Prospective Clients
  • Make sure Your Website is Answering your Prospect’s Questions and that they can Easily Navigate Your Page.
  • Create an automated sequence of touch points that develops a relationship with your prospects.
  • Convert More Prospects into Paying Customers that want to Buy Your Service
  • Simply Put: a Well Designed Website can be Automated to Boost Your Revenue by Bringing Paying Customers Right to You.

Benefits of Business Coaching

  • Identify the Actions that Provide the Greatest Results with the Least Amount of Effort, and cut out the Busy Work.
  • Automate Ways to Bring in New Business So You Can Spend Less Time Searching For Clients, and Let Them Come to You Instead.
  • Time Management Strategies

You need to be in the first 7 People that Respond, and you’ve got to be a go-getter who’s ready to grow your business and take on more clients now. If you aren’t then that’s fine, this Guaranteed Business development session simply isn’t right for you.
If you ARE ready to step up your game and increase your client base NOW, then take the first step below.
I look forward to working with you!
This offer is valid for limited time only.

This offer if valid for limited time only








Why trust us?

Marika is extremely passionate in forming authentic relationships that create impact and drive great success stories. She is living proof that by knowing yourself, and leveraging your expertise towards your entrepreneurial dream, does result in deep personal fulfillment and professional success.

She started out in an international career in IT with Nokia over 20 years ago, but here she is, with ten years under her belt working in her own businesses. She created GRIT Online to provide digital marketing solutions to amazing entrepreneurs like YOU!

Why? For her, nothing is more satisfying than working together with entrepreneurs to plan and execute custom digital marketing strategies that propels their businesses to a higher level, and increasing their profits. She has a holistic approach that aligns both the business and digital marketing aspects for success. She feels that it is a great thrill to watch clients reach their goals, feel happy, and passionate about their achievements.

What makes Marika stand out? She is a vivacious extrovert who loves to build relationships and serve others, while at the same time being a technical, detail-oriented, thorough, and nose-to-the-grindstone powerhouse. She always gives 100% to her clients and aims to make their experience easy and stress-free.

To provide comprehensive digital marketing services, she works with a team of talented business and digital marketing strategists, web & graphic designers, web developers, SEO experts, copywriters, social media managers, photographers, and videographers.

Marika’s team is the complete package. Her entrepreneurial dream has come true, and she is devoted to helping YOU succeed!

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