Brand Development Through Visual Storytelling

Getting You the Right Leads with Graphic Design

They say a picture says a thousand words: but do you know how to control exactly what those 1000 words are saying?

Professional graphic and logo design is a complex art-form, combined with business strategy. The result is impactful visual messaging.

It requires an in depth understanding of how to tell a story visually. What impact & meaning each aspect of a graphic has: including colours, backgrounds, photos, filters, font choices, & more.

Portfolio of Graphic Designing
Portfolio of Graphic Designing

Graphic design branding, when done right, will:

a wide eye

capture attention

people holding a callout boards

communicate your
message to leads

woman recalling a brand name

make you memorable

a man purchasing online

and get you more sales

When done wrong, it can have your potential leads running in the other direction without giving you a chance.
You want to make absolutely certain that, for your business, graphic work is being done right!

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Hiring our professional graphic and logo design agency
will help you to:

Save Time

You’re running a business. Your time is better spent on what you do best.

Get More Traffic

Bad Image files impact searches, load time & bounce rate: so leads can’t even find you.

Grab Attention

Get leads to click, pay attention & want to learn more when they see your content.

First Impression

You only have 7 seconds to make one. If it’s the wrong one, you are losing business.

Look Professional

Amateur graphics make leads subconsciously feel you only offer amateur services.

Build Trust

Professional branding helps your audience feel they can trust your professional expertise.

Engage Leads

Communicate your message better and keep your prospects engaged in your content.

Stand Out

Great branding means your prospects will remember you when it’s time to purchase.

More Sales

All of this translates to higher perceived value, better leads, and more buyer conversions.

Types of Graphic and Logo Design Work We Can Help You With

Brand Identity Services

Our extensive services help make us one of the best branding companies for startups and established businesses in GTA. Some of the services we offer include:

Logo Design Package

Visually communicate what you do & your unique identity with a memorable logo.


Brand Development

Create a consistent brand identity throughout your content & media presence.

Business Card

Optimize card to improve call-back rates, and help make the right impression.

Letterheads and Templates

Make an impression as a professional in your field with letterhead.

Brand Positioning

Stand out from the competition and define what you offer that is unique & valuable.
business card-letterhead and gift card
business card-letterhead and gift card

Check out our Quote Calculator for Brand Identity Development & Graphic Design Here

Online Digital Graphic Design Branding

Streamline your brand identity, and make sure your entire online presence communicates the right message. From your first impression, to your client communication and remarketing.

Some examples of this service include:

 Digital Design
 Email Signature
 Web Banners
Banner Ads
 Facebook Video Cover
 Social Media Cover Photos and Videos
 Social Media Post Graphics
 Email Newsletter Marketing

Successful Print Ad Design Campaigns

We would also be happy to help you manage a successful Offline Print Ads Campaign. Draw in local business in a proven, effective, traditional way.

Some print graphic design services we offer include:

✔ Booklet
 Gift Certificate/Vouchers
 Magazine Ads
 Pull-up Banner/Roll-up Standees

brochure and flyer for skin treatment

More Sample Projects

GRIT Design Experts Give You a Personal Touch in Making Your Business Stand Out!

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