The revolutionary customer experience management & feedback software

Gain immediate polls for employee, prospect, and user feedback at any stage of the customer journey.

Make use of valuable customer insights, automated actions such as custom calls to action and upsells for each prospect survey, and even automated notifications to employees when following up.

Perfect your customer experience management, maintain stronger connections with clients, and boost sales!

How to Improve Customer Experience Management with Feedbackly?

Custom Surveys

Quick and easy custom survey creation to get whatever answers you need.

Immediate Feedback

Collect surveys any time at any stage in customer experience.

Customized Follow-up

Based on their answers automated calls to action & upsells.

Employee Notifications

Allow customer service to follow up with text or email immediately.

Multi-Channel Distribution

retail stores, events, websites, sms, email, messenger, and more.

Actionable Data

Industry leading data analysis, visualizes performance at each stage & each channel. 

Customer Journey Maps

Brilliant visual insight in customer satisfaction at each moment of the journey. 

More Buyers & Money Saved

Streamline improvements for each phase based on valuable feedback.

How to Integrate this Customer Feedback System into your business?

Multi-Channel Integration Options

Feedbackly is the first of its kind to offer multi-channel integration. Available at physical locations while offline, and through multiple online portals, it is a remarkably versatile tool.

Feedbackly Kiosk

Set up at physical locations such as retail stores & events. Gather customer feedback right at the front-line where it matters most. 

Website Integration

Seamless website integration allows you to control exactly who sees your surveys, and when. Gather valuable data from your audience. 

Ecommerce Cart Integration

Manage each step of the customer journey and identify how to ensure client follow-through and increase repeat buyers.

Email Integration

With custom subject lines and body text, contact your customers via email and link them directly to a convenient feedback portal.

SMS Text Messages

Never miss a chance to gain the incredible value of feedback from prospects & clients. Contact them directly via SMS.

Messenger Apps

No method is more direct than a DM, link clients to high-value surveys and make it quick and convenient for them to share their feedback.

You know how valuable customer feedback is. Feedbackly makes the absolute most out of an already valuable asset. At every stage from building surveys & collecting feedback, to following up, analyzing the data, encouraging a buying decision, and remarketing: Feedbackly has streamlined the process to your greatest possible advantage.

Easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to see the results!

Set up a Consultation & Get Started With Feedbackly Today!

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