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Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

Analytics – Data used to track and review the performance of an ad. Automation – Performing repetitive tasks through the use of computer programs. Backlink – A link that directs visitors from one website to another. Business-to-Business (B2B) – The selling of a...

How to get hacked?

How to get hacked?

People in various communities, with and without technical skills are concerned of hackers. Most of that talk is by general population, who do not actually understand much about cyber security. The saying goes that ignorance is a bliss, but it can also be a burden, not...

Who needs mesh Wifi?

Who needs mesh Wifi?

Mesh Wifi: Does it Live Up to the Hype?The past few months or so, in geek forums there has been discussion and chatter about mesh wifi. People ask: “is it any good?”, “what’s the difference?”, and “what problem does it solve?”.

What To Find Out – And Rule Out

What To Find Out – And Rule Out

In this article, I examined the questions you should ask when looking for a business partner. In this concluding section, I’ll reveal the human frailties that can turn a fun entrepreneurial venture into a business nightmare – then I’ll tell how to create a partnership that’s destined to triumph.

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