2019 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Lead Generation Guide for Small Business Owners


In 2019, if you’re not using Messenger Marketing yet, specifically Facebook chatbots… you definitely want to start soon!

Yeah, there’s a lot of hype about it, and how it’s revolutionizing online marketing for business. But, as a small business owner, you don’t really care about that.

All you want to know is: Will it get me leads? Will it get me buyers? Will it save me money? Will it make me money? Well, 100%, the answer is Yes. Yes. Yes. And…still yes.

The hype isn’t just hype. Marketers are genuinely excited, because it works… really really well.

It has (by far) the highest open rates, and click through rates of any other medium (see numbers below). It can be easily automated. It can lead to saved time, saved money, more leads, more referrals and reviews, higher customer satisfaction, and more repeat business.

Is this just because it’s the next big thing? Sure, maybe. Only time will tell if the impressive results last. But that’s just all the more reason to get in while the water’s hot. And even if it declines in time, it’s likely chatbots will remain a top performer in lead generation for a long time coming.

How an Effective Facebook Messenger Bot Sequence works, in a nutshel


Prospects either see your ad, post, visit your Facebook page, or comment on your post.


Prospects automatically receive an initial message


The moment they interact with the initial message, they’re collected as a lead.


You can now remarket to this lead via messenger.


Messenger bots interact with, and lead people through any sales filter you design.


You can direct them to a landing page, or bring them through a form directly, gather more contact info, offer giveaways and more.


You can bring people directly into the buyer phase with automated messages.


You can also remarket, retain customer relationships, plus incentivize referrals and reviews.

Yes, your leads will know they are interacting with a bot (it’s best not to try to hide that fact, most people will know right away). But, studies show, people don’t mind. Messenger bots still create a sense of personal connection, build trust, and have engagement and interaction rates that blow all other mediums out of the water.

What Are the Problems with Messenger Marketing?

The main benefit, its personal touch, can also twist into its biggest downfall. If you do it wrong, and you spam people in their very personal private messages, they will turn on you. And you’ll alienate good leads, and good clients. Basically, it’s a personal space thing: people feel violated if you invade their personal space and shout sales pitches at them. Just don’t be that business.

It’s essential to use the marketing medium right… you don’t want to possibly burn bridges with your customers.

You don’t want to use aggressive promotions or long winded messages. Facebook Messenger campaigns need to be short, sweet, and apply a personal touch. Plus, you want to apply the right codes if someone is clearly saying “Stop” or “Go away!” so your bot doesn’t keep bothering people who don’t want to be bothered.

Another important note: if your bot is there for customer service reasons, you don’t want to end up spinning people around in circles trying to get an answer to a simple question. This will make people… well, dislike you.

If you don’t have experience in designing Personal Messenger Bots, it’s a very good idea to get an expert to design it for you. The design takes a bit of know-how. But it should be very simple for anyone to use once it’s built.

So, now that you know how to not be a pain in everyone’s butt with your Messenger Bot, let’s take a look at how a chatbot can make your life easier.

How Can Messenger Bots Save Time?

The key to a Bots saved time is via automation. It runs 24/7, and replies instantly. This saves your and your customers time too.

  • UK’s Juniper Research estimated an average of 4 minutes of saved time per inquiry. [source]
  • You can automate FAQs in direct responses.
  • Answer prospect questions within the bot rather than them navigating a helpdesk for answers.
  • You can automate Lead Gathering.
  • You can automatically Segment Leads.

How Can Using Your Messenger Bot Save Money?

Basically, more automation means less paid labour time. Plus the targeting ability of social media advertising leads to saved costs overall.  

  • Studies estimate businesses currently save about 4 minutes/inquiry, if you pay $15/hr then that’s about $1/question. If you get 100 inquiries/day for a year that’s $36,500/year in savings for your business. Of course, this is a possible example, and you’ll want to measure your own results.
  • UK study by Juniper research estimates chatbots will help businesses to save 8 billion/year by 2022. [source]
  • Current estimates sit at about 20 million/year in saved money through chatbots. [source]
  • Facebook messaging is low cost, high results: you can target leads directly without paying for each impression.

Do People Really Interact With Facebook Chatbots?

YES! Surprisingly often, and even eagerly. And they can even build your audience’s feelings of connection with you and your brand.

Percentage of People interaction to Chatbot
  • Chat-based campaigns can deliver 70%-90% open rate, and 30%-48% click-through rates (CTR). Compared that to a 20%-32% open rate  and 4% CTR with a good email campaign, and a 1.6% average CTR with Facebook ads (or upwards of 5%-10% for high performing FB ads).
  • People are considerably more likely to engage with a Messenger Bot than a post, ad, email, or an SMS text.
  • Prospects/customers engage directly with messenger sequences throughout each campaign, which helps build a relationship and makes people feel personally connected to your brand.

How Does a Messenger AI Bot Gather More Leads (at a Lower Cost?)

There are many ways that using bots can accomplish this! First and foremost the high interaction rates, and the immediate contact information gathering:

The moment a potential lead clicks your opt-in message or interacts with your bot you already have all you need to remarket to them directly: compare this to a landing page where average lead conversion is 5-10% after clicking on ad… for messenger clicks your re-marketable lead conversion becomes 100%. [source]

  • You can offer giveaways, direct customers to landing pages, or even complete full sales funnels directly via a chatbot.
  • You can easily segment leads, simply by asking what they’re most interested in, there is a much higher likelihood they’ll answer survey questions presented via conversational messenger bot.
  • You can even replace landing page forms, instead gathering lead data directly via messenger.
  • Hubspot recorded a 477% reduction in their cost per lead when they implemented Facebook Messenger marketing. [source]

Will It Your Chatbot Give You an Edge on the Competition?

Ultimately, the competition comes with your individual business industry or market. One major benefit of messenger is that once they interact once, you can contact them directly, one-on-one from then on.

  • According to Hootsuite, in 2018 only 31% of businesses use Facebook Messenger to market. [source]
  • So, even though there are 1.3 billion people on messenger sending over 8 billion messages monthly, in 2018 there were only about 300,000 chatbots in total. [source]
  • However, that 300,000 was up 3 times from 2017, so you’ve got no time to waste getting in on the ground floor. [source]

But Does This Lead to More Paying Customers?

Yes, if you use this medium right, it has the highest potential to lead to paying customers because of its superior efficiency in gathering leads.

  • While there is a very slight decrease in final Buyer Conversion compared to Website Landing Pages/Email Campaigns, the huge increase in Lead gathering more than makes up for it.
  • Chatbot lead generation and CTR rates can give you 35x more buyers than a Website/Email based funnel. [source]
  • More engagement, more leads, & more satisfaction means more buyers & more repeat clients.
  • Money savings, and time savings mean more money in your pocket.

Messenger Marketing vs Website & Email

(comparing 10,000 visitors)

Messenger Marketing VS Websites and Email

How Does It Lead to More Business Referrals and Repeat Customers?

Simply put, it keeps you connected with your clients:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention: faster answers to most common questions 24/7.
  • 64% of Chatbots Report respondents rated 24 hour service as the #1 benefit of bots. [source]
  • Another 55% of respondents rated instant replies as the top benefit. [source]
  • Can launch Direct Campaigns that give leads value in exchange for social media shares.
  • Great customer satisfaction, offered value, and regular contact means more referrals.
  • Retain consistent contact with clients and leads, providing value: so any time they know someone looking for the service you provide, you’ll be on their mind.

So, there you have it, a few of the reasons why a messenger bot is the small business owner’s load-lightening, lead gathering, money making best friend. Whether it’s in 2019 or 2022!

June 5, 2019



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