GRIT: Giving Your Digital Marketing a Human Touch

Trust, Value, & Connection Drive Every Successful Business 

Working In Your Business Rather Than On Your Business?

We help you optimize & automate 24/7 lead gathering, saving you time & boosting revenue.

Does Your Marketing Plan Have a Clear Path?

We help you define your goal & map out your route to measurable success.

At GRIT Online, our values are the most important factor in how we do business.
Our clients are treated like family, and often become close friends. 

We’re invested in your business, and we truly love to see you succeed!


How Our Values Define Us!

When we put in the effort and continue to learn we will achieve great things!

We love to apply our expertise & innovation to overcome a challenge!

We never compromise fairness or honesty. Your relationship with us will always be win-win!

We work as a team, with you, and with each of our experts. All dedicated to your success!

With our extensive expertise in Online Marketing, we specialize in:

Marketing Strategy

We help light your path to give value, connect with prospects, & get results

Sales Funnel

Automate getting leads, building trust, and & buyer conversions

Website Design

Make the right first impression. Increase perceived value & conversions

FB Messenger Bots

Segment leads & direct 1-on-1 prospect connections to build valuable relationships.

Contact us for a Free Analysis & Initial Consultation!

Contact us to see if you Qualify for a Free Initial Consultation!

If you qualify for our Initial Session then we’ll begin our time with an in-depth consultation.

  • We’ll identify your important goals, valuable services, and the resources you can invest in for your success.
  • When we move forward from there, we’ll define a tailor-made marketing strategy that fits your needs.

  • Each client is different. We strive to identify what makes you unique, and help you communicatethat distinct value to your audience.

Our Expertize

  • Website Development 97% 97%
  • Marketing Strategy 95% 95%
  • Social Media Management 92% 92%
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 88% 88%
  • Website and Social Media Analytics 90% 90%
  • Copywriting 92% 92%
  • Graphic Design 90% 90%
  • Paid Advertising (Google & Social Media) 84% 84%

Our Certifications

Our Experience

12 years business operations on three continents

68 years of combined IT experience

12 years e-commerce operations B2B & B2C

45 000+ published digital assets in online media

15000+ hours on digital marketing

60,000+ hours on cyber security and cloud computing

Other Services

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy

Do you know how to navigate the world of Online Marketing to get real results? It is a complex, ever-changing medium & it can make or break your brand. Consult with our experts & make a business growth plan!

searching for the right leads

Lead Generation Sales Funnels

Don’t spend valuable time qualifying & chasing leads when you don’t have to. Automate as much of the sales funnel stages as possible so you can focus more attention on your ideal prospects & clients!

website in different devices

Responsive Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

You’re offering a valuable service, our expert adaptive web design ensures you communicate that to your audience. Make the best first impression, boost perceived value & organic growth, be found in searches, & convert more buyers.

woman holding a mobile phone checking message in messenger

Messenger Marketing & FB Messenger Bots

Keep up with the changing market. Personal, direct, immediate, & incredibly powerful. The psychology of direct FB messenger marketing sequences effectively builds the relationship, trust, even marketing touchpoints when you’re doing what you do best elsewhere. All while using a programmed chatbot to attract leads 24/7.

Be at the forefront of integrating cutting edge technology. Pair that with emotional & engaging content.

Add expert analytics & analysis. Plus an efficient, motivated environment…

Get soaring business growth with fewer headaches!

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